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Florence is a luxury wedding photographer and business coach, offering photography retreats worldwide. Brand statement here.


Finally an experience that will not only start attracting your dream clients, but also an experience that  produces  industry connection and rejuvenation that you deserve. 


presented by aisle & co

Welcome to a community of wedding creatives that dare to be real. Aisle Collective is an exclusive circle of wedding creatives that are looking for a restorative, authentic and luxury content retreat. These two or three day content retreats are hosted at awe-inspiring locations and aim to promote both business development and content expansion. The soul of Aisle Collective is the marriage of inspiration and rejuvenation. Creating an experience where attendees are served luxury both in front and behind the lens.

Presented by the Creatives at Aisle & Co., Natasha Churches (owner and founder) and her team work diligently to curate content and experiences that will reignite the passion for your creative craft. 

needs this. 

(you)r business

ready for your transformation in yourself and business?

This is more than a styled shoot... its a reconnection to your purpose. 

Imagine how it will feel to not only produce luxury , but also experience it.

you're in the exact right place

Allowing  photographers, videographers and other luxury wedding creatives an opportunity for high end content within a community centered around restoration and connection.  

aisle collective is a content and experience based retreat.

not just any retreat

My entire career I have despised the term and concept of styled shoots. The jammed packed shooting experiences, the lack of education, and the idea of a perfect environment for the perfect shot. It's all so unrealistic when it comes to a real wedding experience. Thus, Aisle Collective came to life. A content experience that educates and allows storytellers to capture a variety of moments while at the same time creating an area where they can be inspired not only through their lens but also by rejuvenation in community. 

To be honest, I've never liked styled shoots....

Natasha's why. 



AUTHENTIC content in luxury destinations

attract luxury clients 

This intimate retreat is aimed at wedding industry creatives with a desire to obtain all of a combination of the following... 

- mel
by mel photography

✓ in need of genuine luxury content 

✓ lack authentic industry education 

✓ feel stuck in the high volume market 

✓ no creative space or inspiration 

✓ lacking industry connection

✓ zero to little destination content 

Does this sound familiar?

✓ one of a kind content that reached luxury           market 

✓ purposeful  and authentic industry education 

✓ content that attracts luxury clients 

✓ next level creative inspiration 

✓ deepen industry connections and referrals

✓ robust destination portfolio 

This sounds much better

average investment for a high end wedding photographer


million dollar weddings occured in 2023 


percent of couples choose to use hire a wedding planner


of photographers burn out in their early years


let's talk about the reality...



Step into the world of luxury wedding creativity at Aisle Collective spring 2024 retreat at the Columbus Museum of Art. This retreat is not just another education workshop - it's a transformative 2-day retreat for wedding creatives. Dive deep into an immersive experience focused on education, content creation, and the secret ingredient; rejuvenation.

Aisle Collective is more than just a gathering; it's a sanctuary where you will not only enhance your craft but also attract your dream clients. This exclusive event is designed to foster industry connections and provide the rejuvenation every creative professional deserves. Join us for a lavish escape where inspiration meets innovation, and where your creativity can flourish like never before.

of Art. 

Introducing ...
Aisle collective

Small group directive shooting time as well as individual shooting time with guidance as needed. 

Professional beauty team,  iconic fashion and professional models that will make up 2-3 editorial looks. (think welcome party, wedding, after party) 

Professional headshots and BTS of you in your creative element. 

In person educational sessions with hand picked leaders and educators in the industry. 

A curated dining experience, entertainment and networking. . 

What's Included? 

Immersive guest experiences

Opportunity for 1-on-1 mentoring 

and thinking to yourself, "yes, this is what my portfolio and my sanity needs" ... we have curated the experience just for you. 

if you're nodding your head yes...

iconic locations to elevate your portfolio

A space where creativity and community collide. Taking your artistry and industry connections to a the next level

aisle collective 

join us in community at our next

 A day to create and experience the art.
A curated retreat for wedding creatives to learn, reflect, and rejuvenate. Attendees will have the opportunity for esteemed education as well as a space to put what they learned to work. We will end the day wining and dining you with a curated dinner experience. 

Day Two. Let's Create. 

A day to capture and experience the art.
A curated retreat for photographers to learn, create, and rejuvenate. This day is focused on work and play. Attendees will have a chance to not only capture the luxury, but also experience their portfolio as a guest.
** opportunity for design assistant attendees as well. This is great mentoring for an aspiring planner or designer. 

Day One. Let's Party.

here's a look into schedule

  • Professional Headshots
  • 2 educational speakers 
  • Breakfast snacks 
  • A curated lunch experience  
  • Three editorials and a flatlay experience with expert guidance. 
  • Dedicated small group sessions for each scene
  • Professional Models: 1 couple and 1 bride 
  • Mingling & Networking
  • Curated Gift
  • A unique opportunity to experience the luxuries of events from the vantage point of a guest. 
  • A day of rejuvenation, inspiration and community with your favorite vendor friends. 
  • End of day happy hour and wine tasting experience
  • Opportunity for design assistant(s) available 


  • Professional Headshots
  • 2 educational Speakers (Ann King of Borrow Curated. Valerie Kirkbride of Kirk Brides)
  • Professional photos of your tabletop creation.
  • Branding conversation and abstract experience lead by Natasha Churches
  • Breakfast snacks 
  • Outdoor picnic style lunch & community building exercise
  • Mingling & Networking
  • Curated Gift
  • A unique opportunity to experience the luxuries of events from the vantage point of a guest. 
  • A day of rejuvenation, inspiration and community with your favorite vendor friends. 
  • Dinner, wine and breaking bread in Edward’s Court
  • Opportunity for 1-on-1 mentoring with Natasha Churches or Lexxie Smith. 


this transformative retreat  guided you to your dream client and gave you back a spark for your passion you found yourself lacking... 

our hope for you...

a year from now

THE LUXURY retreat for luxury pros. 

We hope to see you there. 

- owner. Borrow Curated

Ann King

- owner. elizabeth austin photography

Elizabeth Austin

- Owner. jenna greenawalt photography

- Owner. prema designs

- Owner. Kirkbrides

Valerie Kirkbride

Jenna Greenawalt

Amrta Saliaj

Our Educators 

do you have questions?

frequently asked questions

What is a Luxury Wedding Professional Retreat?

A Luxury Wedding Professional Retreat is an exclusive event tailored for experienced wedding professionals seeking to elevate their skills, expand their network, and gain insights from industry leaders in a luxurious setting.

Who can attend the aisle collective Retreat?

The retreat is open to established wedding professionals such as wedding planners, designers, photographers, and other industry experts looking to enhance their expertise and connect with like-minded individuals

What can I expect from the retreat agenda?

The agenda includes exclusive workshops discussions with industry leaders, networking opportunities, and curated experiences aimed at providing valuable insights and inspiration for your professional growth. 
We put an emphasis on luxury experiences for our attendees and really encourage our guests to immerse themselves in the concept of rejuvenation and connection. 

Is accommodation included in the retreat package?

This is on a retreat by retreat basis. Some retreats will be inclusive of accommodations and some will not. 

Will meals be provided during the retreat?

Yes, all meals and refreshments are included in the retreat package, featuring gourmet dining experiences crafted to complement the luxury setting of the event. Please feel free to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.